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Jellyfish: A Slack app that increases meeting engagement, company transparency and fuzzy feelings.

Jellyfish lets you host AMA 'sessions' which are collaborative moderator sessions where people can ask questions.

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How Jellyfish Works

Step 1: Pick your session!


All Hands. Jellyfish enables local and remote employees to easily ask questions to executives. Anonymous submissions embrace transparency and allow employees to ask questions without embarassment. Moderator mode allows companies to vet questions before they're posted for other employees to see.

Ask Me Anythings. Maybe a new executive has just joined, maybe a new remote employee has joined. Jellyfish AMA allows employees to create a fun and valuable interaction that increases collaboration and culture.

Team meetings and Offsites. Host a session with a specific agenda for a specific meeting, and allow employees to contribute thoughts and questions. Ensure your meetings are valuable by ensuring you address top of mind questions and concerns from employees.

Configurable Options. Configurable to suit your style, Notify everyone or be a little more elusive, shhh.



Step 2: Solicit Questions!


Anonymous Mode. Employees can submit questions anonymously or under a psuedoname. This allows employees to ask sensitive questions without concern.

Moderator Mode. At the same time, hosts can enable 'Moderator Mode' that allows questions to be vetted before they're posted - ensuring sessions remain on topic.

Insane engagement. Our intuitive Slack interface makes engagement trivial. Employees can not only ask questions, but upvote and comment on other questions, allowing you to understand what questions are most pertinent.


Step 3: Watch the Engagement!


Up and Down votes. Upvote and downvote questions - ensuring clear visibility on what questions are resonating with the audience.

Comments. Effectively leverage Slack threads (someone had to!) to allow audience and hosts to discuss questions - the audience can even comment anonymously, to provide further clarification or feedback.

Cross Platform. Our Slack interface works natively across Desktop and Mobile, allowing maximum engagement of sessions, questions and votes. It's delightful!

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  • Unlimited Sessions
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“Transparency helps employees make better decisions when they have access to more information. Leadership, in turn, doesn't have an opportunity to deny real issues.”

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